1.                 INTRODUCTION


The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA), empowered by the WKCDA Ordinance (Cap. 601), was set up by the Government with the full support of the Legislative Council (LegCo) in October 2008 to take forward the WKCD project.


WKCDA has appointed Maxewell Geosystems Ltd. – Engineering Surveys Limited Joint Venture (MEJV) as the Engineering Consultants of the Project and MateriaLab Consultants Limited (MCL) is commissioned by MEJV to undertake the Baseline Environmental Monitoring.


The purpose of the Report is to set out baseline levels for the air quality, noise, landscape and visual in accordance with the EM&A Manual (AEIA-178/2013) and Environmental Permit (VEP-425/2014). These baseline levels for the air quality and noise will be used as the basis for compliance check during the impact monitoring in construction stage of the Project. The landscape and visual baseline monitoring aims to collect information on the current site characteristics prior to the development in order to make comparisons between pre-development and post-development, detect change, and make comparisons against a standard. This Report presents the locations, equipment, period, methodology, results and observations for the air quality, noise monitoring, landscape and visual monitoring during the baseline period.  


The structure of the Report is summarized as follows:


Section 1:    Introduction, purpose and the structure of the report

Section 2:    Project background information

Section 3:     Air Quality, which describes the baseline air quality monitoring

Section 4:     Noise, which describes the baseline noise monitoring

Section 5:  Landscape and Visual, which describes the baseline landscape and
visual monitoring

Section 6:    Revisions for inclusion in the EM&A Manual

Section 7:    Conclusions